In publications, the SAIC should be acknowledged as follows:

General statement:  The authors would like to acknowledge use of the Small Animal Imaging Core Facility, a core resource supported by the Department of Radiology at The University of Iowa. 

Please add support for specific equipment to the general statement as follows:

The IVIS Lumina S5 Imaging System was purchased through S10 award 1S10OD026835.

The VEVO 2100 Ultrasound Imaging System was purchased through S10 award 1S10OD019941. 

The XRADIA 520 VERSA was purchased through S10 award 1S10OD018503. 

The Siemens Inveon tri-modality scanner was purchased through S10 award S10RR025036.  

Published research facilitated by the SAIC

Projects to be added later.